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Super Collagen Collagen Boost Supplement for Dogs

Super Collagen Collagen Boost Supplement for Dogs

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  • 100% Natural
  • Made in the UK
  • Veterinary Approved
  • Healthy Superfoods
  • Nutrient Boosting
  • Gut Health

Collagen is an essential natural component providing structural support, elasticity, and 
strength to various body parts. Dogs produce less collagen as they age which can lead to 
various health issues such as joint pain, reduced mobility, and skin problems.
Our pure collagen supplement helps replenish your dogs naturally diminishing 
levels to support mobility & overall wellbeing.

•    100% Natural supplement
•    Joint & Mobility support
•    Skin & Coat Health •    Digestion & Gut Support
•    Add to any food
•    Veterinary approved

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Nutritional Information


100% Pork (Pork Rind & Bone Broth Powder)


Crude Protein 86%, Crude Fats 12%, Crude Fibre 1%, Crude Ash 3%


Feeding Guide

FEEDING GUIDE: Feed daily using the scoop
provided (2.5g).
Dogs up to 10kg = 1 scoop
Dogs 10-25kg = 2 scoops
Dogs 25-40kg = 3 scoops
Dogs over 40kg = 4 scoops
Suitable for all dogs over 12 weeks old. Ensure fresh
drinking water is always available. Complementary
pet food for dogs. Not for human consumption. Keep
out of reach of children and animals. Store in a cool
dry place away from direct sunlight. Reseal pouch
after each use. Best before & batch see pack.